Getting the Goods

The spring semester is over at Bates and all of the people involved in our study have embarked on their Short Term excursions. Dyk is in the Southwest for the next month teaching a short term course of 14 students traveling from the rim of the Canyon to the top of the cinder cones. Heather and Jen are both working at the study site during short term doing a lot of preliminary research and mapping. While Jen and Heather slave away at Small Point, Peter and Haley are both rowing their way through Short Term. This weekend is actually the ECAC Championships.

Once Short Term is over and everyone has had a little break in June, the fun begins! With our project fully funded by the EDMAP Grant, beginning June 22nd we’ll be able to spend eight full weeks in the field. Getting full funding on the grant also means that our new equipment should be arriving soon. We already have the newest member of the family – the Juno:

We have already started testing it out in the field and doing some preliminary research.

This picture was taken at the end of our last day in the field of the semester. Professor John Creasy has deemed us "Dyk's Angels."

For now, that’s all the news from Small Point. More to come soon!


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