A Propah Lobstah Dinnah at Shortridge Coastal Center








Our workday office…

…Is beautiful.

We work on perhaps the most beautiful coastline in all of Maine. In the past week I (Haley) have seen more incredible wildlife than all the rest of my 21 years combined. The peninsula we are doing our mapping on is just… breathtaking. And, it is incredibly well preserved. The sad paradox of the peninsula is that it is all private property. It is probably home to some of the best preserved land and wildlife in Maine because it is untouched and owned by only a few families who don’t live there all year round. There is nothing like this in Acadia. All the roads have posted signs and you feel like quite an intruder, but in the name of science we were granted access most all off the rocky coastline of Small Point. So, we are the lucky un-owners that get to marvel at its beauty.

Here is a selection of photographs of the wildlife we have seen so far. You won’t believe it!

A whole pack of baby eiders!

A little baby turtle! See the next picture…

That is how baby he is!

A little baby sea otter was playing in the rocks with his brothers and sisters.

When I saw this baby seal sunning on the beach I almost cried with joy. He (she?) was so cute I couldn’t stand it. We were able to get pretty close too!

And here are four bobcats in the field! Jen, Heather, Peter and Dyk are measuring and mapping out a complicated fold in a granitic vein.