Project Personnel

Dykstra Eusden
Professor of Geology
Bates College
Dyk teaches an introductory course in plate tectonics and upper level courses in structural geology, Appalachian geology and electron microscopy. Most of these courses involve lots of hands-on, outdoor fieldtrips, some by sea kayak! His research is on the bedrock geologic history and ancient tectonics of the Presidential Range of New Hampshire and coastal  Maine as well as active tectonics, faults and landscape geomorphology in New  Zealand.
Dyk earned his B.S in geology from Bates in 1980, his M.S. in geology from University of New Hampshire in 1984 and his Ph.D. in geology from Dartmouth in 1988. He started teaching at Bates in 1988.


 Heather Doolittle

Bachelor of Science in Geology
Bates College
Heather  is entering her fourth year at Bates and will not only be completing her degree in geology, she’ll be finishing up her chemistry minor. Heather enjoys bird watching, snowboarding, rice cakes, and eating rice cakes while bird watching on her snowboard.
The thing she is most looking forward to this summer is fishing on Meetinghouse Pond – the pond right next to Shortridge, the house we are staying at.


Jen Lindelof
Bachelor of Science in Geology
Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science
Bates Colege
Jen is not only doing research at Small Point this summer, but also in the Shetland Islands for her Environmental Science degree. Next year, she’ll be doing two year-long thesis projects and spending a LOT of time in Coram Library. Jen has trained herself to like both bananas and peanut butter. Haley thanks the Lord for this because that is all Haley actually cares about getting for groceries this summer.
The thing Jen is most looking forward to this summer is walking through the mud flats in the northern end of the study area.


Peter Miller
Bachelor of Science in Geology
Bates College
Peter  is looking forward to spending the summer doing field work with three of the best looking women on campus. Next year, he will be consumed with thesis writing and research and will, for a fourth year, be competing on the Bates Rowing Team. Peter will also be in charge of the very minimal amount of soft rock geology we do on the Seawall Beach shoreline.
The thing Peter is most looking forward to this summer is sunset swims in the Atlantic.


Haley Sive
Bachelor of Science in Geology
Bates College
Haley, on the brink of her senior year, is contemplating submitting her thesis in hand written form and using sketches to illustrate all the ductile analysis of Small Point. In the fall she’ll be continuing to fufill her French minor and also rowing for the Bates Women’s Crew.
The thing Haley is most looking forward to this summer is tripping over roots while she tries to trail run because she can’t row this summer for the first time in seven years. Meetinghouse Pond is too small for a shell.


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